Vorteile GreenMo Rent

– Full – Service Rental
– Preventive inspection
– All-Risk Insurance
– Mobility guarantee
– 24 hours (exchange) service
– Claims handling

– No petrol costs
– Cheapest insurance
– No purchase costs
– No maintenance costs
– Lower breakdown costs 

Mostly durable products
– Silent Blessing for the environment
– Hygienic; no fumes during storage
– No emissions

Dedicated GreenMo Rent team
– Roller builders at heart
– More than 10 years of experience with meal delivery services
– 100% commitment to problem solving
– Flexible and dedicated team

Positive image
– Identical appearance of products
– Always neatly groomed in front of the door
– Is a positive sign
– Neat business card when handed over to the customer
– Space for company imprints on the box

Best products
– Best products in European tests
– Specially built for each delivery
– Large wheels
– Low centre of gravity
– Longest range

Electric and petrol scooters

Model Emax

Range 70+ kilometers
Top speed 45 km/h

  • E-scooter with the largest range in Europe
  • Insurance cover for all risks
  • Quiet and hygienic

Electric and gasoline scooters

Model Sym

Tank capacity 9 liters
Top speed 45 km/h

  • Most reliable gasoline delivery scooter
  • Insurance cover for all risks
  • Preventive periodic maintenance






Our Customers

The gentlemen from GreenMo Rent always think about my electric scooters and bicycles with me. The product is constantly evolving and my wishes are also taken into account. In addition, the service team is always there for me, so I never have to leave vehicles standing. I now have almost 30 scooters and 40 GreenMo bicycles on the road, and more are coming.

Sjoerd van Seters - Domino's Pizza
Zwijndrecht, Barendrecht und Vlaardingen

We have been working with GreenMo Rent for over two years and they have proven that they deliver on their promises. A deal is a deal and that is not easy given our complex range of services. We ask, they contact, and all problems are solved within 24 hours throughout the Netherlands. In short, a very flexible organisation where they think along with us in terms of solutions and the customer is still at the centre.

Henk-Jan Veenendaal - sandd
Scooter Park Manager